Covid Guidelines

COVID-19 Operational Guidelines

ATTENTION: Castaway Charter COVID-19 Operational Guidelines

Castaway Charters is being proactive in response to the COVID-19 epidemic as it pertains to our fishing operations. We will be carefully following WorkSafeBC’s Covid-19 Health Guidelines to ensure your safety.

Castaways large 32 ft vessel has plenty of room to spread out and adhere to our social distancing comfortably. Castaways large 12’cockpit guarantees you will still be able to fish DOUBLE HEADERS at the back of our boat worry free.

Castaway Charter’s boat has been resting safely in storage since last season and will be launched mid-June. Castaway’s boat will be cleaned during your trip and thoroughly disinfected and cleaned after each charter including all fishing equipment. There will be simple procedures in place for approaching the dock and the ramps and loading into the Castaway boat. Once on board, you will find our full-size bathroom with electric freshwater flush toilet clean and completely sterilized. All fish cleaning and shipping preparation will be handled according to WorkSafeBC Guidelines.

Book ASAP for this up coming short season, space is limited.

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